May 23, 2019

Unboxing the codes with the latest Gears Pop! figures

If you’ve swarmed a store and snagged one of the latest Gears of War Funko Pop! figures, then you’ve probably already noticed a certain Gears Pop! card in the box. This digital code will unlock relevant content within Gears Pop! and add it to your inventory once it has been released in game. For instance, if you added the Kait Pop! to your collection and redeemed the code to your account, then a set amount of Kait pins will be added to your inventory when you login and play the game. Any digital codes connected to characters that aren’t in the game yet will unlock over time as the pins are released in-game.

So how do you redeem your code? Great question! Codes can be redeemed to your Microsoft account starting today:

  1. Head to
  2. Login with your Microsoft Account that you use for Xbox Live
  3. Enter your Gears Pop! code
  4. Confirm that you do in fact want this enormous amount of content added to your account
  5. Get hyped for Gears Pop! launching later this year

And that’s it! Once Gears Pop! is available, just download the game and login to your Xbox Live account to gain access to this digital bonus. Reminder: some content will only unlock after the character(s) have been released in-game, but you’ll be all prepped and ready to go if you’ve successfully redeemed the code.