Jul 2, 2019

Soft Launch Update: 0.99

For those of you taking part in the soft launch, we’ve made some balance changes to select pins. Although some are minor tweaks to various pins, there are a couple specifics that may shake up your deck.

First up is the Ink Grenade. We have significantly increased the time it lingers on the battlefield and we also increased the time between each damage tick. The goal here is to really define its area denial role. Ink Grenades will be effective against stationary cover-taking troops while faster units can run out of the afflicted area to safety. Also, damage calculation has been adjusted; it’s been dealing less damage than it should have, but that’s now been fixed so look out for those Ink Grenades!

We’ve also tweaked the Lancer Crew and Drone Division. Rather than having their own stats that level up differently from their solo counterparts (Lancer Gear & Locust Drone), they now have the same stat values. And to offset the Power cost difference, the Lancer Crew and Drone Division will have the stat values of a similarly leveled solo version, but with an extra 2 levels worth of stats! Hopefully this will improve the clarity on stat differences between units that have solo and group variants.

Here is the full list of changes based on your feedback and our close monitoring:

  • Boomer: Health +11.1%
  • Decoy: Distraction Range: +20%
  • Drone Division: Health & Damage now shares stats with Locust Drone, but with + 2 levels (i.e. a level 1 Drone Division is equivalent to two level 3 Locust Drones)
  • Gnasher Gang: Movement Speed +7.7%
  • Ink Grenade: Duration increased to 12 seconds, Tick Rate increased to 1.5 seconds, bug where the Ink Grenade was dealing significantly lower damage than intended now fixed.
  • JD Fenix: Power cost increased to 5, Movement Speed +25%
  • Lancer Gear: Movement Speed -9.1%
  • Lancer Crew: now shares Health and Damage stats with Lancer Gear, but with + 2 levels (i.e. a level 1 Lancer Crew is equivalent to two level 3 Lancer Gears), Movement Speed -9.1%
  • Locust Drone: Health -20%, Damage -16%
  • Longshot: Movement Speed -25%, Aim time increased to 2 seconds, Damage +10%
  • Savage Grenadier: Damage +7.6%
  • Shepherds: Damage -9.1%
  • Stun Tracker: Damage -41.4%, Speed -41.7%
  • Wretches: Damage -26.2%, Speed -41.7%