Aug 19, 2019

Global Launch Incoming!

Attention: Gears!

We have launch date – August 22, 2019!!! Of course, that means you only have to wait a few more days.

Here’s a few things you should do as we gear-up for launch:

  • Pre-register in your device’s app store! You’ll receive a notification once the game is live and available for download. This is also a great way to ensure that your device is compatible ahead of time.
  • Login to Xbox Live! If you’re in a soft-launch region, be sure to login to your Xbox Live account so that your progress and purchases are saved. Any progress not associated with an Xbox Live account may be lost when the game launches.
  • Redeem those codes! If you’ve already done this, then you’re ahead of the game! Go out there and treat yourself to another figure – and another code. You’ll be glad you did!

THREE MORE DAYS! *enthusiastic arm flailing*

Oh, and one more item- welcome to the Gears POP! family, Windows 10. More platforms, more options, more battles.